Yak Skull Bracelet Limited 11



The captivating skull design of this bracelet came to life during our live master wax carving show at the Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2020 in Thailand. Inspired by the formidable Thai giant guardians, known as "Yak," which can be found protecting significant Buddhist temples in Thailand, this design captures the essence of their strength and mystique.

Featuring a high-octane and exceptionally unique design, the bracelet includes a distinctive T-bar that transforms into the giant's fearsome fangs when clasped. This symbolism adds depth and character to the piece, making it more than just an accessory—it becomes your fearless partner in crime, ready to conquer the most perilous twists and turns that life may throw your way.

  • Sterling silver
  • Width: 12mm
  • Limited to 11 pieces. Numbered as made
  • Style#: DBYAK20


Metal care: Use the included polishing cloth to wipe clean, or cleanse with a soft cloth and use a mild soap and warm water solution to remove any impurities.