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    Deific's Designer Chuck

    Haunted by visions when nightfall, Chuck's challenging childhood has been a life struggling battle. At night his mind constantly summoned animated imagery, spirits, and strange shadowy creatures which kept him up to watch in both amusement and horrid. Soon he realized how imaginatively powerful his mind was and channeled the energy into an art form. To master his sense of creativity and rid his mind of fear, he often took a meditative journey to Buddhist temples in his native homeland and visited inspirational and nature places around the world. His artworks often happened at night while he observed the freely transformable spirits which often woke him up in a middle of the night to put down the sketches. At times during a heat of intense focus he would close his eyes and let the invisible hands guide his drawing. With a lifelong passion in crafting jewelry, he took on a path to transform his captured artworks into extraordinary collections for the brand "Deific". Every piece of his Deific jewelry embodied part of the spirits' soul that wonder at night. Each Deific piece is a living, breathing symbol imbued with Chuck's journey for purpose to be strong and never give up on life itself.