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    About Us

    My name is Chuck. Here is how the story goes.

    It was 2008, in downtown Los Angeles, when it all started. The city was bustling with culture that fueled creativity. But something was missing in the jewelry scene. The jewelry market of the famous city was plagued by redundant concepts, limiting designs, and a lack of diversity. Handcrafted passion and spirituality had been lost when modern machinery was chosen over the revered traditional craftsmen. All said, it was the absence of meaningful substances transformed by human hands and imagination - the quintessential of jewelry creation, that demanded an alternative. Setting out to fill the void, I avowed to follow three philosophies; utilize finest materials, create distinctly exclusive designs laden with rich stories, and strict handcrafting by master artisans.

    Essence, Substance, Materials

    If quality materials are omitted, jewelry has no substance, no power. Therefore, Deific uses only the finest sterling silver, gold, gemstones, and other carefully hand selected materials. Truly significant heirloom quality pieces can only exist if they are crafted with fine materials.

    Dialectic Design

    The designs come from the journey of my life which has focused on understanding and experiencing inspiring beliefs from revered cultures around the world. Being a hybrid of Thai and American, with keen eye for expressing my encompassing worldview through the lens of artwork, my designs feature both a spiritual romantic vision of the East and a fearless unyielding perspective of the West. Inspired by Aristotle’s philosophy of dialectics that draws tension between opposing perspectives to create insight, my designer approach combines elements of high-octane Western lifestyles with the forbidden Eastern world of faith and spirituality. I believe this unique tension between the East and West, sets my designs apart.

    The Process of Handcrafting

    Lastly and most importantly is my conviction in the process and power of handcrafting. For Deific, handcrafting is essentially the process of imbuing or transferring a soul into substance. Using decades of experience and lost ancient techniques, our artisans turn otherwise breathless objects into living beings.

    Beyond Sacred and Profane: The Deific

    When combined, the three philosophies are what inspire us to reach beyond the here and now. Adhering to these philosophies, the process of handcrafting Deific jewelry moves one beyond the profane towards the sacred. It instills one with divine power and allows one to become a true creator. Thus born “Deific,” the jewelry that actualizes the limitless potential of humanity and reminds you that the power to master and change your life resides within you.

    Today Deific’s collections have been cherished by famous Hollywood and international celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Michael Jai White, Buakaw Por Pramuk, and thousands of die hard followers from continents around the world. Cutting-edge story driven designs, razor-sharp attention to the smallest of details, and exceptional craftsmanship are the beloved hallmarks that Deific’s fans keep coming back to. The studio is now situated in the heart of gemstone district in Bangkok with a retail location in a multiyear award-winning luxury shopping center. I would like to invite you to experience the journey and unearth your true power of potential found within our jewelry that encapsulates the divine - the Deific.


    Be limitless.