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    International Ring Size Chart

    Our ring sizes are based on US sizing. There are usually 4 types or rings.

    1. Narrow / Band Rings: We also called this "True Fit" as most of the time you can choose your normal size and it should fit nicely. The way to measure is it should fit the widest part of the finger and yet fit comfortably at the base of finger.
    2. Wide Rings: Also called "Tight Fit". Should be worn at least half a size larger than your normal size. In other word add half a size.
    3. Loose Fit Ring: Should be worn at least half a size smaller than your normal size. In other word subtract half a size.
    4. Twist / Coil Rings: Size can be slightly adjustable but may stretch or expand over time.


    USA EU  Japan Diameter (mm)
    7 54.4 14 17.3
    7.5 55.7 17 17.7
    8 57  16 18.1
    8 1/2 58.3  17 18.5
    9 59.5  18 19
    9 1/2 60.8  19 19.4
    10 62.1  20 19.8
    10 1/2 63.4  22 20.2
    11 64.6  23 20.6
    11 1/2 65.9  24 21
    12 67.2  25 21.4
    12 1/2 68.5  26 21.8
    13 69.7  27 22.2
    13 1/2 71  - 22.6
    14 72.3  - 23
    14.5 73.6 - 23.6
    15 74.8 - 23.8


    Measuring Your Finger

    Comfortable is the key when it comes to choosing your finger size. It should fit snugly enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. For best results measure your finger size at the end of the day at room temperature.

    We do not recommend using string or paper to measure ring size as these materials can twist or stretch, yielding an inaccurate measurement. But if other alternatives can't be obtained, here is how you can perform such measurement.

    • Wrap a string or a 1 cm wide strip of paper around your finger. Make it fit snugly enough at the base of finger while still have enough room to pass over your knuckle.
    • Mark the spot where the string/paper strip meets then use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters (mm).


    Bracelet Size Recommendations

    It is recommended that you choose your bracelet size no less than your wrist measurement. For example if your size falls between 7" and 7.5", it is best to go with a 7.5". We categorized our bracelets into 3 types:

    1. True Fit Bracelets: Most of the time you can choose your normal size and it should fit nicely.
    2. Tight Fit Bracelets: Due to the width, it should be worn at least 0.5" longer than your normal size.
    3. Stretchy Bracelets: Even though may stretch or expand over time, it should be worn at your normal size.