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    Deific DFIC Blockchain Token


    The new paradigm of cutting edge technology meets revered artisanship in jewelry design.

    We at Deific always embrace the leading trends while staying true to handcrafting our jewelry using only exceptional quality materials. Today we're more than pleased to announce that we've integrated blockchain into our art! The future is extremely bright as this venture will reward our clients with incredible benefits. Here are quick details regarding Deific's new cryptocurrency token.

    Token name: DEIFIC
    Symbol: DFIC
    Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20 based
    Total supply: 666,000,000 
    Availability: Now
    Planned use cases: authenticate Deific brand name, adoption system for jewelry market authentication, redeem for Deific jewelry, trading at exchanges and more!

    Immediate use case: We will be giving away these coins with eligible purchases and in turn our customers can redeem them for our jewelry. See the eligible designs here. Soon we will expand this policy to cover all current and future designs.

    We've an exciting long road ahead. Please check back regularly as we will be updating our site frequently and reveal more information in days ahead.